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Betty and Linda at my 40th birthday party.

Betty and Linda at my 40th birthday party.

There are boxes in the garage that I haven’t looked into in the last 18 years, since I moved in with Gail.  She has been nagging me to go through them, keep what I want and toss the rest.  So this weekend I started.

Most of them are photos.  Lots and lots of photos.  And as I sort them out, I find that I am consistently tossing every single picture from travels, every landscape, everything I took in a museum, every ‘pretty picture’ I ever shot.  I look at them and just don’t care.

People pictures, on the other hand, are universally priceless.  A blurry, overexposed shot of my dad is worth more than all the pictures of the Forbidden City I will ever have.

Miss Moffet at a long forgotten unit game.

Miss Moffett at a long forgotten unit game.

I have photos of long-gone relatives.  Friends I can barely picture in my mind.  People I can’t believe were ever that young.  Children growing up.  Three shots of Robin Williams.  Former girlfriends in dishabile.  A couple of me in dishabile taken by the same women.  I used to be studly, it seems.

The modern world sees an explosion in photographs, courtesy of the smartphone.  That’s a very good thing.  Looking at these pictures of the life I led brings back joys large and small that I have forgotten, reminds me of all the good people and the things I did with them.

Now if I can only get the DMV to use this on my next drivers license:

When I had hair

When I had hair


One thought on “Take more photos

  1. Just getting around to 8/2/15 post. “Take more photos”. We all have that box in a closet. If you have any Pisarra Pic’s that you don’t want’ I would love them. My children would love to see them, I’m sure! We have very few pic’s of Dad’s side. PS: still keep in touch with my Aunt Boots, (Miranda Kaufer). She asks about you often, she does not have a computer, so I can’t send blog. Sometimes, I print and send. She is almost 93. and sharp as a tack. Her daughter and granddaughter will be in NY on Wednesday. Have not seen them in 37yrs, can’t wait!
    Hope you and Gail are well and enjoying California sunshine. thanks,
    Pat Reilly

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