Not exactly luxury travel 

John Denver wrote a song about Columbus Ohio and said he spent a week here one night. 

I’m heading to the Nationals in Chicago and changing planes in Columbus.   I could have flown from Santa Barbara to Phoenix to Chicago in economy class for 50,000 miles. Instead, I flew from Los Angeles to Columbus and then Chicago in first class for 25,000 miles. The airline systems never make any sense.

Landing in Columbus, I asked the first gate agent where the admirals club was. She said there is none, go to Starbucks. You’re in Columbus Ohio now.

I’ve made four laps of the terminal just stretching my legs. The layover will last a couple of hours, and then a short flight to Chicago.

The layover will last a couple of hours, and then a short flight to Chicago.

Meanwhile, Gail’s flight has been delayed two hours going home from Santa Barbara. I think it’s better to wait in Santa Barbara than Columbus. Gail even has better bad luck than I do.

Mike and I will be playing the senior Swiss teams tomorrow. Gail arrives Tuesday so we can play a national event with Mike and Linda. Chicago is a great town, stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Not exactly luxury travel 

  1. We have found some good restaurants . For Greek it’s Parthenon . We were underwhelmed by the German restaurant . Sorry Bob. Bruce and Bill are at a Hewish deli this evening. I’m getting a huge sandwich and hopefully some Matzo Ball soup.

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