Service done right

OK, enough of the ugly politics of bridge.  Let’s get back to something important–food. And customer service.

During the regional last week, Gail and I headed to Birks, the excellent steakhouse in Santa Clara.  I try to avoid big slabs of meat,to keep the cardiologist happy, but once a year I order a rib eye steak–our annual trip to Birks.

I’m sure I had some sort of salad, it was fine.  I overate on the little rolls they bring to the table hot from the oven.  Then my medium rare rib eye hit the table–and it was well done.  Not even close to mid rare.  I was devastated.

There were a couple of waiters standing near us, waiting for a private meal in the back room to start.  I asked one to get our waiter and got the perfect response “How can I help?”  I showed him the steak and said “this isn’t medium rare”.

Before I could react, my plate vanished.  No “it’s not my station”.  No, “I’ll get your waiter”.  He just solved the problem in a flash.

Our waiter came over to tell us that a new steak would be out as soon as possible.

In not very many minutes, the new plate arrived, delivered by the man who cooked it.  He stood right there until I cut into it to make sure it was correct, which indeed it was.

Mistakes happen.  The mark of a great establishment is how well and quickly they correct them. Birks did the job about as perfectly as can be imagined.

And that’s why I have my one rib eye a year at Birks.


2 thoughts on “Service done right

  1. Have had occasion to dine at a few restaurants where the food was outstanding. Great service made it more so. Unhappily, if you want a great rid eye in Korea….you’ll have to cook it yourself. Thanks Chris, another great column is a long list of great columns.


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