It’s Over

The ACBL posted this todayprobation

We’re through.  The issue is closed.


3 thoughts on “It’s Over

    • 5.1.12
      If a complaint against a person based on the person’s sexual harassment of a full-time or part-time ACBL employee or
      a unit or district tournament employee, is brought before an ACBL Disciplinary Body or to the Director-in-Charge (DIC) of a sectional or higher rated tournament, the Disciplinary Body or the DIC shall immediately forward the matter, in writing, to ACBL Management for action as follows:
      (a) ACBL Management shall expeditiously investigate the matter referred, including interviews of the complainant and accused, and make a decision to:

       Exonerate the accused and take no action.
       Require counseling
       Impose a warning, which, although not a discipline, shall be maintained in the person’s disciplinary file and may be used as evidence if future omplaints of sexual harassment are made against this person.
       Impose a reprimand.
       Impose probation.
       Impose suspension.
       Impose expulsion.
       Any combination of the above.

      (b) A written notice of the decisions of ACBL Management and the reasons therefore shall be provided to the accused person and the Appeals and Charges Committee
      (c) At its first meeting subsequent to an ACBL Management decision to impose discipline, the Appeals and Charges Committee shall make an automatic review of the discipline imposed by ACBL Management. Such reviews shall be consistent with the procedures at appellate review, except that the accused party shall be entitled to present evidence and witnesses at the review hearing.

  1. Are there any updates on the Bruce Blakely saga? The last post I saw was in October. We all know the Board met in Reno in March.

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