Never give up.

I’m in Denver, for the fall Nationals.  Mike and I are going to play the Blue Ribbon Pairs and the North American Swiss.

We started today with the Blue Ribbon.  141 1/2  tables of the best players in the world, and us.

First session, we played very well.  Tight, careful, attentive, not making mistakes.  We had a 47% game.

Mike was pretty devastated.  We can’t really play any better, and should have scored higher.  But you have to have a bit of luck, and we weren’t getting much.  One champion player and his client made a big mistake against us, but that wasn’t enough when people were finding all the right leads.

Still, it isn’t our nature to give up, so we came back after dinner, buckled down and kept trying.  Truthfully, we didn’t play as well in the second session as we did in the first, but we got luckier and managed a 53%, to finish 3 points over average (and average was 1796, so 3 points isn’t much).

It was, however, enough.  There is a Q next to our names and we get to play with the big kids tomorrow.  Winston Churchill was right:  never, never, never, never give up.


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