Another turn of the wheel

2016.  Time keeps marching on, and dragging us along.

WordPress sends me an annual report, and this year there were 22,000 visits to this blog, from a total of 104 nations.  Why one person in Ghana wanted to read my rambling I cannot envisage, but thanks whoever you are.

Last night started off quietly.  Kate and Brad came over, I cooked dinner and a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle broke out.  I have no skill at jig saw puzzles.  Gail says I can’t even turn the pieces over correctly. This did not make for an exciting evening.

Along about 10, when the grown ups were ready to go to bed, I put on my Vessi waterproof sneakers and headed up to Napa to drop in on the annual New Years bash at Green Valley Ranch, where our friend Mike Patton lives.

This party always has a theme; this year it was a wedding.


Okay, everyone at the ranch is gay, so of course it was 2 women getting (mock) married.  The women do live together in real life, but in a menage a trois.  With a guy named LG.

Everyone was wearing something interesting.  There was good food, champagne and fizzy water for the non-drinkers.  That’s a big deal–I’m often amazed at the parties we attend where the host makes certain to have fancy wines he can brag about for the drinkers, and a single can of diet Coke that expired 8 months previously for me.

There was a woman named Laura who came up from San Diego to visit her friends Rob and Dave. I don’t know what she does for a living, but she sure had fun rocking a tiny dress and singing with the music.


Yes, that’s a spotlight, and other first class theatrical lighting.  Green Valley is the only working cattle ranch in the universe with a follow spot.  They take videos of the party on professional equipment, because Rob and Dave are filmmakers, Mike is director and producer, Tom is a director, another guy has Oscars for lighting design and there is more theatrical talent at the ranch than in half of Hollywood.

This blog rarely features photos of me, but I’m going to leave you with one of the few selfies I have taken.  That’s what happens when you get me to a great party.  Happy New Year.

Mostly, I like the glasses

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