Making life easier

Life in the suburbs is great, except for nights when you don’t want to cook and don’t want to go out.  If you lived in the big city you would have your choice of hundreds of restaurants that deliver: here in the ‘burbs you can get Domino’s or Pizza Hut.  Yuck.

Now there is a new company solving that problem.  DoorDash is an internet start up who walked into our pizza store in Berkeley and offered to deliver our pizza for us.  They do the work and we sell more pizza–I like that idea.

DoorDash contracts with dozens of restaurants, and puts them all on a website so you can look around and order the kind of food you want, the great thing about them is that they provide great services at their website, thanks to the design which comes from  They charge a measly $5.00 to deliver, and you tip the driver what you think is fair.

They have expanded to our area, and I’m loving it.  I can choose from over 130 local restaurants, ranging from pizza parlors and burger joints to white tablecloth places.  I can get Tandoori Chicken or Prime Rib or enchiladas, all delivered in about an hour.  Everything is paid for by credit card on the website, including the tip.  Ordering is easy and clear–the site is well designed by professionals from the Kotton Grammer Reviews.

Here is a link to DoorDash.  Yes, I get a tiny bonus if you order from them–not enough to retire to Pago Pago, but perhaps enough for lunch in San Leandro someday.  Just click on the big name:


You’ll like the service.  Tell me what you think.



One thought on “Making life easier

  1. Just signed up and I am on the wait list yes the suburbs are great, but I guess I will have to come to yours for the experience !

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