Happy New Year, again

Monday night was the start of the Year of the Monkey.  I thought that the new year would begin with a full moon, but I was wrong again.  Chinese New Year begins on the night of the new moon between 1/21 and 2/20.  Fun fact to amuse people with.

The big celebration for the event was a party at Don Steedman’s house, and everyone knows I hate to miss a party.  Gail wasn’t feeling great, so I went by myself.

Don lives in Albany, and his house is chock full of the things he collects.  There is a wall with hats. He has a workbench with tools and parts to maintain his collection of vintage fountain pens.  There are dozens of different, interesting wine and cocktail glasses.  He has a shelf full of cocktail shakers:


Cocktail Shakers galore

The kitchen cabinets are lacquered bright red; the room looks like a Chinese palace;


I think I saw this in the Forbidden City

Don and Vicki were dressed appropriately for the evening:


Reigning over the kingdom

The food was Chinese and Japanese.  The wine was Italian, plus a bottle of sparkling Sake Vicki found.  I might start to like Sake.

The house was full of friends and food, which is all you need for a great party.  Gung Hay Fat Choy.



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