Breaking news–Waxman was right!!

Dungeness crab benedict

Dungeness crab benedict

Saturday mornings, Micky and Linda go walking with Lorin and Linda Waxman, then go to breakfast.  They have become experts on where to get a good short stack, or hash and eggs.

While I think it dangerous to take restaurant advice from a guy who goes to all the trouble to hike into the woods and catch fish only to put them back in the water, Lorin came up with a winner of a place for breakfast this week.

Heavenly Bistro is a new place on Oak Road in Walnut Creek, just north of the BART Station and the AAA headquarters building.  So new that they are not yet open for dinner, although their signage says they are.

It’s a medium sized bistro, seating about 75.  There is a full bar, which will make more sense when they are open later than 3 p.m.  Just a couple of tables outside, perhaps more in the summer.  Definitely not enough parking.

The food is definitely California modern–there isn’t gravy covered biscuit to be found, and a heavy Mexican influence.

I had the crab benedict, which was great.  I wasn’t crazy about the over-cooked, over-seasoned potatoes, loved the crab and spinach and real hollandaise sauce.

Gail had what she considered to be the best huevos rancheros she had ever eaten, and she’s a huevos rancheros expert.

We shared some blueberry pancakes, which I thought were excellent with perfectly ripe blueberries and thick but not doughy pancakes.

Service was fast, friendly and efficient.  We had to wait about 10 minutes for a table, which is no surprise on a Saturday morning.

Prices were competitive.  My biggest complaint was the noise level–the design of the restaurant has little noise-cancelling effect, everything is hard and sharp.  The stereo is cranked up, silverware is clanking on china, the kitchen is bustling, my ears hurt.

Heavenly Bistro is a local winner–we’re looking forward to trying dinner when they get into full operation.  Thanks, Lorin
Heavenly Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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