Happy Birthday to Me


Yesterday was my 65th birthday, so we had a few dozen people over to celebrate. The world and the weather cooperated on a beautiful evening and we partied until almost 9:30, when old guys like me turn into pumpkins.

I had fun taking photos of my friends.  If you aren’t here, it’s only because I didn’t succeed in getting everyone.


Beth the Travel Goddess™ whipped together a 6 layer cake with whipped cream frosting.  Travel isn’t the only thing she’s a Goddess at:

The Travel Goddess at work

The Travel Goddess at work




A great cake, and only 2 candles to blow out.

There was cake, there was singing.  I asked for no presents, but got a few anyway.  Barbara gave me a fabulous shirt, Sigrid found flashing suspenders.  Manfred gave me a copy of “Why you lose at bridge”. There was a $50 Amazon gift card and a magnificent leather Dopp bag.   Reed produced 3 bottles of fine Sauternes.  Life is better than good.

Lots of card and bottles of wine.

Lots of card and bottles of wine.


Richard Timmons shares my birthday–but he’s a few years older.

Two birthday boys

Two birthday boys


There was one more guest we can’t overlook, Elmer Reed;

Elmer, the French Blue Bulldog.

Elmer, the French Blue Bulldog.

I’m not a dog fancier, but I guess I’ll make an exception for Elmer.  He’s friendly, housebroken and doesn’t bark.  Pretty much what I want from all my guests.

Once every 5 years is enough for me to have a birthday.  Thanks to everyone who came and made the night so memorable.  My life is incredibly rich with friends, and I’m damn grateful for it.


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