Ringing in the new club


The lease is almost up on the Diablo Valley Bridge Center, and the move to the new Contra Costa Bridge Center is well underway. Today there was a big fundraiser for the new club.

Twenty four tables came out to support the new endeavor.  Micky and Linda hosted the catered food and drink.


The tables were decorated by Bruce Johnsonbaugh’s wife with tablecloths, runners and party favors for all.


Tiny boxes full of chocolate make every party perfect.

The three men who put it all together spoke, telling us what the plans are and how they are coming along.  I only got a photo of two of them.


Mike Bandler and Mark Humphrey, dressed up and looking fine.

The room was full, with 16 tables in the A flight and 8 in the B’s.  Grant did a solid job of directing despite serious problems with the Bridge pads.  He admirably kept his cool in the face of three sections all screaming “director” at once.


The bridge community has contributed in the vicinity of $50,000 towards the new bridge center, money which is needed both for equipment and tables and also to make capital improvements in the new facility–there is no air conditioning and that just won’t do, so we’re investing quite a bit to make the room more habitable.

Mike, Mark and Bruce have gone above and beyond in every possible way to bring this about, for no personal benefit, just the love of the game.  We are all very fortunate that they stepped to the challenge of finding and creating a new place for us to play bridge.  They looked at over 100 locations before securing the one we now have.  Today was a fund raiser, but should also be looked at as a celebration in honor of the guys who have made it possible.





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