Great service in G’burg


The man in charge of the diet Coke


The convention center where we play cards in Gatlinburg puts out a fast lunch for $8.  Your choice of sandwich, a bag of chips and a cold drink.  We’ve been playing morning Swiss teams and there isn’t really enough time to go back to the house for a meal so it’s a perfect solution.

Yesterday, I noticed that my drink tasted “off”.  Checking the pull date on the bottom of the can, the answer was easy–the soda was out of date by 9 months.  This doesn’t make the soda dangerous, just bad tasting.

I took the can back, and showed it to this guy (he doesn’t seem to have a name.  I asked, and got smart answers.  All the other employees wear name badges, not him. hmmm)  Something great happened.  He didn’t argue, he just went immediately to the barrel with the rest of the cold diet Coke to see if it was all outdated.  It was.  He promptly rolled the entire ice chest into the back and returned with one full of fresh cans.

That’s the way things are supposed to work, but so rarely do. Most of the time, I get my soda replaced but the store just keeps selling the old one.  If you don’t know enough to complain, you’re screwed.

Good for the convention  center, and good for this nameless wonder.  That’s what Southern hospitality ought to be.



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