The art of people watching

It’s time for Art Mart in San Francisco, the annual show where galleries come from all over the world to show their wares at Fort Mason.  Gail wasn’t feeling well, so I went with our friend Harry Siter.  Not only is Harry an artist himself, but he’s very personable and seems to know everyone in the Bay Area art world, so walking through a show with him is an experience all by itself.

As always, you like some of the art and hate some and are mostly indifferent to the bulk of it.  Of course, I had to like this piece by Doug Schneider.

ARTMART2016-5Doug just finished this piece this week, and he’s completely frazzled.  I think it’s fantastic, full of life and hope and joy.

Susan Cogan is one of my favorite people, and her son Kim is a noted artist whose work was on display in booth #121.  Be sure to pay attention.





This painting by Michal Lukasiewicz just grabs me.  It probably has more color than Gail would tolerate, but I’d put this in the house in a heartbeat.


Meditation #2


The talent some people have always stuns me.  I saw this drawing and had to look at the label to know that it wasn’t a photograph.


Vernell #2, by Joel Daniel Philips

Of course, in this election year there had to be at least one political statement:



The art hanging on the walls was in many ways the least of the show.  As always, I was fascinated by the crowd and their choices of clothing.  I most certainly did not get everyone or everything that was amazing, but here is a selection of what caught my eye in the passing parade.


Not everyone was as interested in people watching as I was.  This pair were running a booth, and were just sitting transfixed staring at the screen on the laptop.  I was starting to think they were brilliant hyper-realistic sculptures until one moved.

ARTMART2016-1The show is excellent, both for the art and the people watching.  It’s on through Sunday at Fort Mason.

After we wandered the aisles thoroughly, Harry and I went out to dinner in the City.  Nothing fancy, we headed to In and Out in the vicinity of Fisherman’s Wharf.  They must not have had sufficient staff in the kitchen, because there was no line at the cash register and yet there were over 20 people ahead of us waiting for their food to arrive.


A cheeseburger for me and a Double-Double for Harry.

The burger was acceptable, but I’m pretty spoiled by Mona’s near our house.  The fries were not crisp or particularly tasty.  The chocolate shake was sinfully good.   I know it’s some kind of social sin to not rave about In and Out, but I calls ’em as I sees ’em.




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