80 is the new 77

Our friend Irwin “Gish” (grade school nickname that stuck) Lichtblau had a pretty cool birthday party last Sunday.  In truth I was surprised to know he was turning 80, Gish is awfully youthful, and always fun to be around.

The birthday boy

The birthday boy

The party was in the capacious back yard–Gish seems to own a double lot, with addresses on two streets.  The important people were told where the back entrance was, and had our cars taken by a valet.  The peasants parked on the main street.  Okay, I made that part up.  The valet was only for me.

Enjoying the buffet beside the pool.

Enjoying the buffet beside the pool.

You can’t have a proper yard without some art:



There were many bridge players there, as you would expect:



There was family of course.  Eldest son David came in from New York, and offered a toast to his dad:



The grandsons played Happy Birthday


Here’s a non-musical grandson, Adam



A birthday party requires a cake.  Somewhere in Lafayette there is an incredible bakery, because this was one of the finest cakes I’ve ever enjoyed.  And I know cake.  I think you know that I know cake.

The grandsons all swore that they didn't taste the frosting.

The grandsons all swore that they didn’t taste the frosting.


Some people enjoyed the cake more than the rest;

It was a beautiful afternoon and a delightful party for a good friend.  Happy Birthday Gish.




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