Aloha Kauai

We’re off to Kauai for a few days for the holiday weekend.

That means getting up far too early because the only non-stop from Oakland to Lihue, Kauai is at 7:20 am.  When the alarm goes off at 4:45 a.m. it isn’t any fun, but how can you complain when you’re going to Hawaii?

Alaska Airlines doles out Microsoft tablets with lots of movies, TV shows, music and games to keep you entertained on the 5 1/2 hour flight.  I learned something today– I don’t like the Microsoft tablet.  My iPad has me spoiled.  The Samsung tables that American Air gives out are vastly better, faster, and easier to navigate than these Microsoft kludges.

Once we got here it was time to pick up the car.  I usually rent from Thrifty, because I filled out the paperwork to be a “Blue Chip” member.  This doesn’t cost anything and gets me through the process very quickly.  Except today, when the shuttle dropped us off and there were 40 people in line, and no sign anywhere for the Blue Chip priority.  15 minutes of waiting later I worked out that the tiny, unmarked area on the side was for Blue Chip members, and then it was a matter of seconds until I had my car.

A car I couldn’t get into because it was wedged in between two other vehicles with no possible way to get in.  I had to find a “lot boy” (who was older than I am) to crawl into the car from the wrong side and pull it out of the parking slot.  Thrifty gets no points for customer service today.

Driving anywhere on this island is beautiful, and we enjoyed motoring slowly to the far north of the island and our hotel in Princeville.  The room wasn’t ready, because it wasn’t even noon, so we went in search of the rest of the family and settled in for lunch at the Hanalei Bay resort where they are staying.


If this was a painting I wouldn’t believe it.

The light around here is great, especially on a cloudy day. You don’t have to be much a photographer when you look across the table and see this:


Brad the son in law

I don’t believe it’s possible to take a bad picture of Kate.


Lunch was fun with Kate, Brad, Chloe, Brien and Demi.  The food at the Hanalei is excellent, the kitchen was absurdly slow.  So slow that the house gave us 20% off the entire bill because of how long it took to get fed.

These are little servings of ahi poke, on fried nori chips.  Itsy bitsy works of art on a plate, and they tasted as good as they looked.


After lunch it was back to our hotel, where the room was finally ready, and a nice nap until it was time to eat again.  This could be a long, difficult weekend.



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