It’s a small world after all

If there is a baby nearby, I’ll stop and flirt. Always. Boy or girl, I don’t care.  I just like babies.

So naturally when I saw a little fellow having breakfast with his dad on Monday I went over for a chat. Dad had torn up a pancake and put the pieces where junior could get his tiny hands on them.  Junior, of course, was busily dropping them on the floor to watch the birdies come eat them.

That was cute enough to entertain me for a minute, then I stopped bothering them and went on my way.

Later in the day, I get a text from my brother, noting that upon reading my blog he realized that one of his clients was staying at the St. Regis, too.  With his one year old son.

“Is the kid’s name Holden?” I texted back.

And I could hear David’s jaw hitting the floor from 2621 miles away.

My friend Holden with his nanny, Christy

My friend Holden with his nanny, Christy


None of this has significance, it’s just a fun coincidence.  And more reason to stop and talk to babies.


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