Opening day at CCBC


We have a first class parking attendant

The new club is open!

I actually got there early, to watch it all come together.

Over the weekend, Bruce Johnsonbaugh and a team of volunteers broke down the old club and moved everything over to the new, at the First Christian Church, 3309 Willow Pass Road in Concord.(The phone number is the same, but the phone hasn’t been installed yet.) We have an excellent room, with all the amenities for 21 tables of card players.


There was Bruce, still working. The new club would never have happened without him.

Today’s inaugural game was 13 tables.  Here’s a look at the club and the players:


I love the fact that the site has a full kitchen.  The stove is beautiful:


I can sense a huge pot of stone soup is going to be bubbling away soon.

Bridge is social but competitive.  It seems only right to finish this with the winners of the first game in what I hope will be our home for years to come.


Max and Gerry were the big winners. Congratulations.

Thanks again to Bruce Johnsonbaugh, Mark Humphrey and Mike Bandler for making this all happen.



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