In the Garden Again


rbgsculpture-1It’s Fathers Day, and that means it’s time for the annual Ruth Bancroft Garden sculpture show.  Once again the best succulent garden in the country is filled with sculpture from well known Northern California artists.

Friday night was the opening party.  We walked through, enjoying the overcast yet warm evening.  The pictures I took are not at all comprehensive, just the items that grabbed my interest.



Dire Wolf, for Game of Thrones fans. By Melissa Mork


Amphora, by Gare Ugarde



A garden of glass works

Some of the work is more conceptual in nature:


IIHI, by Christopher Kanyusik

Some is not only representational by perfectly suited to a succulent garden:


Cactus, by Peter Keresztury

We have to remember that the original art is nature itself.  Here is the artist Tuppy Lawson enjoying the trees in the garden.


Some of the art incorporates nature:


Green Hair, by Jiajun Lu

Some is whimsical:


Kevin Bacon, by Karen van Galder



Blue Cap English Bulldog by Xuan My Ho



String Quartet (Please be seated) by Hugh Livingstone

There are many more pieces than I have shown.  The Garden is open every day 10 to 4 at 1552 Bancroft Avenue in Walnut Creek. The sculpture is in place for a month. It’s a great place to walk through, calm your soul and enjoy.

I’ll leave you with this plant, which is constantly regenerating itself with new flowers at the end of a very long stalk.  Seems like a great metaphor for a good life.



One thought on “In the Garden Again

  1. Thanks for this post. I knew nothing about this place. Yesterday I went with my wife and we enjoyed it a lot. Got free tickets via the public library. Well worth a visit even if the sculpture show were not in place.

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