I’m a bad boy


Too sexy to print


I don’t understand the world.  I guess that’s OK, the world doesn’t understand me, either.

When we are sending out invitations, we often have a stamp made to complement the invitation.  You can go to photo.stamps.com and have legal US postage made of most images–your new car, your grandkids, lots of things.

This week, I tried to use the image above, of a marble sculpture in our shower.  Within 24 hours I had an email from them that the “image did not meet our guidelines” and they would refuse to print the stamps.

Now I may be more liberal than most in matters of art and nudity, but it’s hard for me to think that anyone would be offended by this piece of sculpture Even the stuffiest of prudes should recognize this as art not porn.

Still, I don’t get my stamps.  The next plan is to take a photo of the back of the piece and see if I can slip that through their blue-nosed system.  Some people just don’t have enough to do in this world.



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