The vicissitudes of travel

Here I am in LAX. I met up with David and we’re about to have a bite to eat before we get on the flight.

I noticed my bag was hard to pull. Looking down I see that the trusty Hartmann bag is finally falling apart as the wheels are shattering.

Fortunately this is an outer covering to a hard inner wheel so I can still roll the bag.  I’ll get it fixed later. 

LAX is an insane beehive of people, but the quality is the dining establishments has improved immensely. We had fish tacos for dinner and are now prepared to be crammed into an aluminum tube to hurtle across the country. Oh joy. 


2 thoughts on “The vicissitudes of travel

  1. Hartman has a pretty good warranty but the newer luggage with free flowing wheels is the way to go. Much, much easier to push or pull down the narrow airplane aisles.

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