Buns si, boobs no

You remember that a couple of weeks ago stamps.com rejected my photo of a marble sculpture because it didn’t meet their standards.

Not being the sort to give up, Gail suggested that we take a picture of the back of the piece and try again.


The same marble from the other side.

Success!!  They don’t object to art, or nudes, just boobs.  Impressionistic, nipple-less boobs at that.

The American obsession with breasts, and the equating of them with sin, continues to amaze me.  Will people never grow up?



One thought on “Buns si, boobs no

  1. You must know that answer to that! Just look at how well Donald Trump is doing in the polls. If there were more adults in the room, this would be a blow-out.
    (speaking as one grown-up to another–and I use the term loosely).

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