A Coup for the Art World


Harry and an admirer


Our friend Harry Siter is a damn fine artist.  Last week he had an opening at an art and design gallery in the City, Coup d’Etat.  We went with friends, and found the largest, wildest and most interesting gallery opening we’d ever seen.

Coup d”Etat is huge, right in the heart of the design district.  This was the first opening we’ve seen where you had to be on the list to get in.  Good thing we know the right people.

Harry makes sculpture large and small, and both were on display, although I seem to have been just taking photos of the big ones.  Here are 3 of them.

Some of his art is also furniture, as you notice.

The gallery is immense, filled with art and objets d’art in a series of rooms.  There were two or three bars, a DJ, excellent catering and a general aura deep coolness.

This was a two man show.  The other artist was Peter Openheim, a painter.



Not even a little bit my taste, but that’s what makes horse races.  Somebody will love it.

At any gallery opening the people watching is first rate.  Here are some of the more interesting people I saw:


We had a great time.  The art was beautiful. The crowd was beautiful.  Lots of single women, dressed to the teeth.  And the toes–the shoes on display were magnificent.



Harry, a man of man friends, knows a woman named Cheryl Rosenthal who created a video of the event, which may give you another flavor of the event.

And that’s how you enjoy a Wednesday night in San Francisco. Just be lucky enough to know the right people and go to fancy openings. Life is good.


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