Not a computer hand

People complain that computer hands have skewed distributions. 

Friday I played in a team game at the East Bay Community Bridge Center in Oakland. We shuffled and dealt the hands at the table for round two and I picked up this beauty:

It was Club Appreciation week, and there are Gold points to distribute in team games. Betty had 25 teams: I’ve never seen the place so full. 

The hand? We played 5 clubs making 6. Our teammates bought the contract for 5 Hearts (how could you ever defend with my hand?) and we picked up 13 IMPS on the hand. 

That kind of bidding is how you cone in tied for fourth/fifth non a Friday afternoon. 


4 thoughts on “Not a computer hand

  1. Nice try, but you guys played 3N making and we played 4 H making. Interestingly enough it was the second all black hand of the week. The first one was in Castro valley and the guys partner made an insufficient bid and he had to guess what to do. I don’t know the rest of the story. See you tomorrow.


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