Dallas, of course 

In what has become a tradition it seems, I’m in Dallas. On my way to Orlando this time for the fall nationals.

The plane out of San Francisco this morning was delayed an hour and therefore I had to switch to a later flight to Orlando. I might have made the first connection , but even if I did mybags would not have. So I sat in the lounge for an hour and I’ll catch the next flight.  

The airport is jammed. The road to the airport this morning was jammed. Tremendous traffic today everyone going home after the long holiday weekend. I’m probably lucky that I was able to get a seat on this second flight.

Mike and I start play in the Blue Ribbon pairs tomorrow. Gail arrives Wednesday night, and will play with me as well as Susan. If I have no game I’ll go to Disneyland. That’s not the worst thing that ever happened to anyone. 

They’re calling my flight So I have to hurry and hope I find overhead bin space.  

That’s all I have to say so far.  More tomorrow from the Disneyland Swan and Dolphin.


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