The Unit Christmas Party


Gail and I haven’t been to a lot of Unit games lately, but didn’t want to miss the Christmas party in the new club.

The joint was jammed.  19 tables of open players and 3 tables of 199’rs.

There was plenty of food.  Lynn Sacco lined up a host of donors to bring the munchies.

The buffet table groaned, as usual.

The buffet table groaned, as usual.

Gail will forgive me if I tell you my favorite girl was the in bright Christmas colors:

How can you resist a shirt that lights up?

How can you resist a shirt that lights up?

We played so-so bridge, but I had a great time taking photos of people.  Here are the many of the people who celebrated the event today:



Twenty-two tables is more than I thought they could get into that space, but it worked.  Grant ran a complex movement so we all played the same 26 boards, where it seemed like E/W got more than their fair share of 1NT openers.  Good thing I was West.

Jerry and Winnie took were first N/S and overall.  Brian and Gish were first E/W.  Ira Feldman and Clare Smith were the winners in the 199’r game.

Once again, the unit has celebrated a holiday season with a party for ourselves.  Now if only we could share a bit of our good fortune with some less fortunate people, things would be great. That’s what I want for Christmas.


2 thoughts on “The Unit Christmas Party

    • I haven’t forgotten at all.

      If CCBC, and the players, and the District can make charitable donations, why is the unit selfishly sitting on over $30.000? The “I got mine, Jack” attitude is embarrassing.

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