Hypocrisy Abounds

We expect politicians to be hypocrites, albeit not necessarily to the grand heights Mitch McConnell reaches when he broadly asserts it would be wrong for the Democrats not to vote on Trump’s Supreme Court nominations.  Why don’t that mans teeth jump out of his mouth in shame?



You expect a bit more in the way of integrity from a hospital, though.  I was surprised this morning, then, when I bought a bagel at the “Wellness Cafe” after I had my blood drawn in Kaiser, Walnut Creek.

The “cream cheese spread” in the cooler was this ghastly mix of chemicals that is either food or the embalming agent for a rhinoceros.  One suspects that even un-refrigerated, it would keep for the next 7 years without losing any of it’s synthetic charm.

Kaiser preaches healthy living, decorating the walls of the cafe with large scale photos of presumably organic fruits and veggies.  There are signs next to the elevators in the garage suggesting taking the stairs for your hearts sake. Classes on healthy living are offered at no charge.

Okay, using the cheap cream cheese substitute is probably a petty and irrelevant issue.  Mitch McConnell betrays his honor more than that every morning before breakfast.  But character is composed of a thousand small decisions every day, and  you ought to be able to get the little ones right.

Otherwise, you could end up in Congress.


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