Ya gotta have heart


And that heart has to work.

Mine wasn’t, at least not well

Just like 3 years ago, I was having chest pain whenever I tried to do almost anything physical.  I could get out of breath pushing a cart around the grocery store.

Last April, I came home from Galtinburg early and had a variety of tests at Kaiser, but they didn’t find much, although I knew darn well there was something wrong.  Struggling along since then, in deep denial, I finally gave up and called my cardiologist, the very cute Dr. Shah at Kaiser.

An angiogram was scheduled for last Monday.  In the old days, this would often lead to a coronary bypass operation.  These day, it more often ends with the placement of a stent, a tiny honeycombmetal tube  that holds the artery open.

Kaiser did a great job for me.  The nursing staff is marvelous,  not only providing very good care but being constantly dedicated to keeping the patient informed.

Of course, they still wake you up at 6 am to draw blood. Yes they give you a roommate who moans in Hindi all night and has a family who don’t understand inside voices.  If you use a CPAP machine, the one the hospital provides is ungodly loud–they didn’t tell me I could bring my own. Naturally, the food is dreadful, all the more so in the cardiac care wing where salt is only slightly less acceptable than cigars.

The process is quick and mostly painless.  I went in at 6 am Monday and was home by noon Tuesday. There is a small incision in my rightgroin where Dr. Richard Maloney inserted the catheter.  It’s still bandaged so I don’t know exactly how large, but it causes me no difficulty.  Mostly, I look silly from some bruising and lots of green disinfectant that dyed my legs.

This was my third procedure–a double bypass 16 years ago and a stent 3 years ago.  I’d like to think it will never happen again, but even with much more attention to diet and exercise than I am noted for, the bypass arteries have a tendency to close up.  I may need a tune up again in a couple of years. Taking a medicinal drug that can serve as an appetite suppressant by affecting the central nervous system is helpful as well. it’s called Phentermine that belongs to the sympathomimetic amines drug.  I get my money’s worth from Kaiser.

So that’s what I’ve been doing lately instead of blogging. Not exactly the first choice, the results were worth it.


8 thoughts on “Ya gotta have heart

  1. So sorry to hear you had to go through this. One thing I know for sure is that you’ve got a great big warm and generous heart!❤❤

  2. You have been missed. Thank goodness for modern medicine and Kaiser. My theory about Kaiser is that, once they figure out what is wrong, they do whatever is needed. Calling the cardiologist sounds like it was your key.

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog searching for images of Rodin’s Gates of Hell, the late comers gate in Germany ended up in the results. Anyways, I read all the way back to Cyndi Lauper. I just wanted to say I’m glad you’re doing alright, you both seem like fabulous people. You’re living the life I want for my husband & myself once the kids are out doing their own stuff. Full of art, travel, food & giggles. Keep up the good stuff, eat your veggies, & if you’re in Portland, OR one day, Gustav’s makes muscovy duck worth being excited about. Loves to the puppy! Show her off more, she’s gorgeous. I’d post pics of mine if I could because my Groot has the magical power of making people crack up & laughter is forever the best medicine. He’s a pocket pit, they’re just a joy to look at.
    Sorry for rambling, I really do hope you’re back at it again soon!

  4. Thanks for the update, Chris. Not surprisingly, my sister didn’t tell me what was up! I expect you’ll be good as new soon. And fill in the gourmet food with lots of veggies!

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