Sometimes you just have to write things because something cute happened.  No significance, nothing of eternal importance, but cute.

We were at Sigrid’s house, and I took Claudia into the back yard because I spend half my life now outside, frequently in the rain, waiting for the puppy to piddle.

I was looking at the sky, or a bird, or something and heard a splash.  Turning quickly, I see a little red head swimming for safety, and then a thoroughly bedraggled scrawny dog emerged.

She started shaking herself off as I grabbed for the camera.


Another shake, and I saw this


Just a tiny bit better.


I yelled at Gail to grab a couple of towels, then brought the poor wet dog into the house and proceeded to dry her off.



Doing better, safe with mom.

I guess it’s good to know that the dog can swim.

Dog stories.  Now I’m writing dog stories.  How could this happen to me?


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