It just keeps getting better

11 Years we’ve been subscribing to Smuin Ballet, and it just keeps getting better.

We went last Friday to Lesher Center with Mike and Linda, introducing them to our favorite local performing company.  As usual, we were left awed by the perfection of artists.

The second act was titled Requiem for a Rose, choreographed by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, who just happened to be sitting right behind us along with Celia Fushille, the Artistic Director and Amy London, the Ballet Master.  We really like the seats we have.

Requiem for a Rose is a beautiful piece, with both the males and females dressed in red skirts, no shirts for the men and pale nude tops for the women.  They were practically indistinguishable from each other, except for one woman with long flowing blond hair, a blue leotard and a bright red rose in her mouth.  The music was from Franz Schubert.

The piece is clearly moving and evocative, but I can’t say I much understood it.  Then Celia, the Artistic Director, was walking back to her seat and I asked her to explain it to Mike. (Easier to claim he need help than to admit I was at sea).  She did so, then MIcky asked why they hadn’t put that in the program.  The manager in his personality never takes a day off.

Today, the Smuin set out an email to subscribers discussing the creation of Requiem for a Rose.  Watch it and see why we love modern dance and the Smuin Ballet so much.




One thought on “It just keeps getting better

  1. I was there Friday and am so sorry I missed seeing you guys. I absolutely agree about Smuin but am not a subscriber so would be verrrry grateful if you could post or forward the email about the creation. Hope to see you soon.

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