Simple minded doofus

That’s me.

I’m just hanging out in the admirals club at SFO waiting for my flight to Los Angeles then a flight to Auckland, New Zealand.

I was supposed to be doing this yesterday. I carefully packed everything, checked that I had my passport, ran my errands, went to Berkeley, did my job, motored over to San Francisco. Everything was going; fine traffic was light I was there early. Dropped my car off at the long-term parking and went up to the American Airlines counter.

Being a wiseguy, I said “I hope I don’t have my wife’s passport” as I walked up to the agent. That was sadly prophetic, because that is precisely what I did have.

Yes, I had managed to look at both passports in our office and take the wrong one.

There was no recovery. I could not fly without my passport, I could not get my passport in time. I drove home sad and dejected. Claudia was glad to see me.

At least I was able to reschedule for today. So now I sit here, patiently waiting for a plane I should have been on 24 hours ago. My trip is foreshortened. My brother had to find something to fill his day in Auckland today. I’m grumpy with nobody to blame but myself.

Continuing my simple mindedness, I checked in this afternoon, got my ticket, cleared security and was walking along when I heard my name being paged.

I had left my travel documents folder back at the counter–my passport was in my pocket. I had to go back out, get the folder, clear security again (thank heavens for pre-check). Before I finally landed my butt in the Admirals Club to wait. At least I was two hours early so there was no time stress.

So far, i’m not having any fun. I’m looking at 14 or 18 hours of travel in front of me that doesn’t look like fun either. Finally I’ll get to Auckland, catch up with David, get in a rental car and we’ll go explore. That part should be great. Hang on.


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