The only constant is change

untitled-2First, there was Kaffee Barbara, a breakfast and lunch place in a tiny building in Lafayette, on Brown Avenue. My friends Jamie and Collette had breakfast there every Friday before the bridge game, but it eventually closed.

Then came Artisan Bistro, an upscale restaurant with a first rate chef.  Or a succession of them.  Although the food and service were always excellent, somehow the place never clicked with me.  It just had no soul.

Now there is a new eatery there, Locanda Positano.  It has more soul than James Brown on a hot night, great food and a re-done patio where we can eat al fresco with the dog rain or shine.  I think I’m in love.


Granddaughter Tessa, Gail and Reed in the patio.  Or maybe it’s a loggia.

The outdoor eating is in an area covered, heated and protected from the wind on 3 sides.  The mosaic tile tables and wire chairs are just what you would find in Positano itself, and you don’t have to walk any steep streets to get there.

As you would guess from the name, the food here is from the Amalfi Coast, with lots of fresh veggies and seafood along with the pasta.  What more could a nice Italian boy like me want?

We had a waiter named Rafael, who is from Napoli.  His wife and son still live in Italy, and he is here to make more money than he can at home. He was cheerful, helpful, interesting, exciting and pleasant, making our meal an experience to be relished and savored.

Our first dish was an antipasto for 2, which easily satisfied the four of us:


Salami, mortadella, copicolla, brushcetta, pesto, burrata, tomatoes and olives.  A first rate way to begin the meal and whet your appetite.

Presentation is such a big part of the dining experience, and Locanda Positano certainly has some beautiful ways to get your meal on the plate.


I started with the burrata, and was impressed with this large glass, filled with cherry tomatoes, burrata and a drizzle of oil. The arugula didn’t thrill me, but I’ll order it the next time we go.

Reed had the beet salad:


More arugula, golden beets and a scoop of burrata.  Beautiful, tasty and healthy.  You can’t ask for more than that.


Tessa and I each had the Branzino, a Mediterranean sea bass.  It came with white wine sauce, clams, carrots and asparagus.  This is the sort of meal at the heart of the Mediterranean diet–low in fat, olive oil rather than butter, fresh fish and veggies.  Eat like this and you’ll live darn near forever.


Reed, who is rail thin and runs even when nobody is chasing her, had the heart attack on a plate.   Gnocchi della mamma, mother’s recipe.  Gnocchi, fresh mozzarella and gorgonzola sauce.  I had a few bites, and it was fabulous.

The meal is finished with a complimentary glass of house made limoncello to cut the richness of the meal.  It’s too tart for me, but I’m a sissy with a sweet tooth.

In any event, we loved Locanda Positano, and intend to return soon and often.  I suggest you do, too.



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