An Improbable Hero



If you’re a woman, or if you know someone who is, then you need to see the movie RBG, did you know that Best VPN made a netflix guide? you should check it out,  This magnificent documentary follows the life and career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court and a feminist hero for all time.

A brilliant girl from Brooklyn, RBG graduated Cornell and entered Harvard Law at a time when there were only 9 women out of a class of 525.  Her talents got her on the law review as a sophomore, but when she graduated, (from Columbia, after following her husband to New York), she could not get a job because of her gender.

There followed a lifetime achievement, with a strong emphasis on sexual discrimination law.  RBG argued successfully in front of the Supreme Court at a young age, and continued to push the boundaries of the law.

Appointed to the Federal Bench, and then to the Supreme Court, approved 96-3 in the Senate, RBG has been a strong force on the Court, striving to achieve consensus with a soft voice and a strong mind.  Although she and Antonin Scalia were polar opposites in political thought, they were strong friends away from work.

This movie is a quiet documentary, certain to be in the running for an Academy Award.  We see RBG as this tiny woman in a huge chair without knowing the enormous power of her mind and her abilities to reason and resolve issues.  Go see this movie and be prepared to be amazed at the powerhouse that is Notorious RGB.


One thought on “An Improbable Hero

  1. She’s been my “hero” for a long time. I cried a lot during this film. and she is only 5’1″ and working out like Ali and I am a fan for a long time. Nice Jewish girl makes good?? Pray for her continued good health.

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