On the street


Walking to Fat Slice this week, I noticed this truck belonging to the guys who are painting the building.  It was so unique I had to stop, ask questions and take pictures.

It’s a 1963 GMC Step-van, still in use every day.  Originally built as a delivery van, designed for frequent stops, it still has the original seat which is hinged so the driver can get it out of the way to carry packages in and out.


I think it’s strange to see older vehicles that have so little instrumentation, just a speedometer, gas, battery and oil pressure and temperature gauges.  There is a 3 speed manual transmission on the column. Turn signals are on the left.  High beam switch is the button on the floor.  Just the basics with no ornamentation at all.


The owner (who thinks he is just the 2nd person to have this truck) keeps it mighty clean and neat–but that’s what you’d expect of a painter.


The shelving is a modern addition.  No passenger seat–this is a working vehicle.

There is a world of interesting things out there, you just have to stop, look and ask questions.  Good thing I’m inquisitive.


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