The Best Things in Life


Gail and Ann on a shopping trip to San Francisco while they were in high school.


Life doesn’t get much better than good food and good friends.  And if you can have both of them at the same time, so much the better

Last week Gail and I had dinner with Ann and Alf Brandin. Gail lived next door to Ann in high school, and they have been friends ever since. Brad and Kate joined us at Jason’s, a nice restaurant in Greenbrae near the onramp to HWY 101.


Gail, Alf and Ann

Jason’s has a large covered patio area so we could have Claudia join us.  There aren’t many photos of me on this blog, but Alf took one I need to include:


The food here is very good, and imaginatively created and presented.  I had the seared ahi, buried under a mound of mango salsa and accompanied by mashed spuds and tempura green beans.  It isn’t often that anyone raves about green beans, but Jason’s works miracles.


I’ve become a fan of elote, Mexican grilled corn covered in cheese.  Usually served on the cob, it’s like dessert in the middle of the meal.  It’s a side dish I can’t refuse.


Kate had the salmon.  A simple dish, very nicely prepared.  It isn’t always necessary to get fancy with the food, just do it perfectly and that’s enough.


Abjuring his customary cheeseburger, Brad opted for the American classic fried chicken. Once again, the simple, clean presentation was a winner.


Gail chose the lamb chops–three huge chops, so we had enough for lunch the next day.


The service was friendly and first-rate.  We had a bit of excitement when a slippery bottle of wine oozed out of the waiter’s hand and shattered on the floor, but no harm was done and there was another bottle in the cellar

.All that makes me a happy camper.  Eating with family and old friends where the food is good, the location is delightful and the service is smooth is about all a boy can ask for.


3 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life

  1. You found my fav restaurant right in my hood…..I live about 1/2 mile from Jason’s and I’m there about 3 times a week. There is usually a table of bridge players there during Happy Hour. Hope to see you in SantaClara.            Cheers from Nancy Zakim 

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