Some good news

Gail and I are off to Miami to visit friends of hers from high school. I have been worried for sometime about getting through security with the current government foolishness.

I was very happy to find that security at SFO is provided by a contractor, not by the TSA. These people, while no more competent than any other security theater, are at least getting paid and therefore showing up for work.

We were through security in a very short time. There was a brief hold up because my new knee will not go through a magnetometer without beeping like a jackpot on a quarter slot machine. Hence I had to go around to the x-ray machine and hold my hands up in submission to the government while they decided I was not a threat.

Arriving in Miami, we picked up our baggage after almost an hourlong wait in the busiest and most crowded facility I’ve ever seen and then faced a trek of 3/4 of a mile to the car rental facility. Fortunately much of it is on moving walkways which are about 100 yards long. Then you walk off, drag your luggage 50 feet to the next one and repeat.

Arriving at last at the large sign for the rental center, you turn left to face yes, yet another moving walkway. This one is twice as long and half as fast as the previous ones. At the end of it, there is a train. Finally finally finally you arrive at the rental center claim your car and try to find your way out and to the Marriott hotel

Since it was almost 10 PM we decided to call room service for a meal. This used to be an upscale experience with the waiter pushing a table cloth covered tray into the room and your food on China under metal covers. At the Marriott Dadeland, a person knocks on your door and hands you a bag with your food packed in clamshell styrofoam containers, wine in weak plastic glasses and no condiments or seasonings. There is no Romance whatsoever.

This, at least, was an interesting meal. It is a rice bowl with corn and black beans, avocado and pico de gallo, topped with grilled chicken. It would have been better with some spices or salsa or Tabasco sauce but that was not to be. Still a moderately healthy and pleasant meal.

After a few days in Miami, we are driving to Cape Coral to visit Karl Rowley . Home next week.


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