South Beach, Miami

Wednesday night, Gail and I took a drive to South Beach. Like an idiot, I forgot to bring my good camera. Thursday, therefore, we drove right back to the same spot and slowly motored up Ocean Ave so I could try to capture the lights of all the nightspots that make this such a famous strip.

This is just the first place I liked the look of. There was a trace of rain, which made the street shiny and reflective. Professional photographers hire water trucks to wet the pavement, I just got lucky.

Same place, slow shutter to get some tail light streams.

Some of the buildings have a variety of color schemes, you can just sit there and watch. (Wait for slide show)



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are more classic styles mixed in with the flashy:



The ubiquitous palm trees are wrapped in a panoply of colors and styles.


All the best tables are right on the street, so you can see and be seen.  Each restaurant has a different style and color scheme.



We stopped for a bite at the Carlyle because I liked the way the outdoor heaters looked.  In California, we mostly have the flameless variety, which are more efficient by less decorative.  In always-warm Florida, appearance is more important so the heaters throw big flames to add to the ambiance.


Gail had the nachos and I had some seared Ahi.  Neither were all that wonderful: I suppose the owners know that all their customers are tourists and there will be little repeat business.  

In front of the restaurant was a young woman with a tray of cigars for sale, working from a tray that looked like the cigarette girls of old in the Vegas casinos.  I didn’t see her make any sales.

Another building with a light show.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were getting to the end of the street, with just a few more places to see.

Something about this couple caught my attention.


The classic lines of the design, and the warm colors of the dining area opposed to the cool colors of the sign drew me.


And then we drove back to our hotel.

South Beach is a hot spot for the young and the tragically hip.  I’m neither, but it was a delightful evening, not hot and crowded like it would be in the summer, not cold, just a touch of rain for atmosphere. Just a perfect place to take your sweetie for a ride and a snack and a bit of gawking.


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