New Knees are Good Knees


There it is, my new knee.

Yesterday I had my 6-week checkup;  they were kind enough to print out the x-ray for me. Gail won’t let me post it on the refrigerator, so I’m putting it up here.

You can see the new metal parts.  The open space between them is a plastic spacer (invisible to x-rays) that should last a lifetime–and they can replace it with relatively minor surgery if I have too much fun and wear it out.

The recovery has been awfully easy and quick, so I was surprised to be told that it can take 12 to 18 months to get full recovery and all the muscle strength back.  I have to keep stretching the knee out as much as possible, both to straighten it and to flex it back as much as possible. 67 years I’ve been dodging regular exercise, it finally caught up with me.

There doesn’t seem to any way to milk this for extra kindness, concern or chocolate cake.  I can’t even get a temporary handicapped parking placard.  I’ll just have to face a world where I can walk up and down stairs without pain.  Life is good.



4 thoughts on “New Knees are Good Knees

  1. Good job Chris. I, too, have shirked exercise and am paying for it with a tweaked back. So do what your doc & physical therapist say!!!!!!!!!

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