That’s some good fish


Silas and his mom in the hot tub. Photo by star iPhoneographer Kate

Grandkids are in town, with the great-grandson in tow.  That means we are all going out to Sushi Ran in Sausalito, the best sushi place I’ve ever seen.  The Michelin Guide rates it a “Bib Gourmand”, which is just below one star.  The joint is worth visiting.

We ate outside, because Marin county is very particular about bringing dogs inside unless they are actual, trained service animals.  Claudia is my idea of the perfect dog, but Marin County has another opinion.  Outside it is. Not that it’s much of a trial to enjoy a lovely evening on the sidewalk watching the beautiful people in their beautiful cars going by.

I started out with a glass of Sho Chiku Bai sake, a very traditional unfiltered sake which is pretty sweet.  OK, I have the wine tastes of a 13th century Japanese peasant.  I like the stuff.


The 6 1/2 of us ordered a variety of plates, not many of them the classic raw-fish nigiri sushi.  I did have to have this one though: hashimoto toro, a fatty tuna piece that may have been in the Tokyo fish market the previous morning. It is delicate, rich and smooth. There really isn’t anything in western cuisine to compare it to.


As far as everyone else is concerned, the star of the menu is the salmon citrus–perfectly fresh raw salmon, Japanese cucumber, avocado and lime. It’s simply perfection on a plate.   And it’s art, too.  We order 2 of these.


One always wants to have one’s veggies, so we can’t pass up a plate of tempura.


There are vegetables here I can’t identify,  dipped in incredibly light tempura and quickly fried.  Is this healthy death food?  It looks good, tastes good and I choose to believe it’s good for me.

Another choice is the tempura shrimp roll, with a fried shrimp joined with asparagus encased in rice, seaweed and some other exotic mysteries.

The service is impeccable, the bill is significant.  Sushi takes exotic and expensive ingredients, prepared by trained and skilled chefs.  You get what you pay for, and at Sushi Ran you’re paying for the best.  It’s worth it.



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