Hope spring eternal



It’s spring.  Although we’re a long way from March 21, the official first day, there are robins in my trees, it’s 74° outside and everything is either in bud or already blooming.

Today, there is finally a bit of good news from Washington.  Four senior Department of Justice attorneys have resigned in the wake of trump interfering in the sentencing of his crony Roger Stone.  The DoJ is not supposed to be an arm of the executive branch, but Bill Barr is turning out to be the most corrupt Attorney General in history.

Following in the wake of Mitt Romney developing a conscience, this is a good sign for the nation. I hope the trend continues.


One thought on “Hope spring eternal

  1. How about Eric Holder as a more deserving candidate for your award as most corrupt AG in history?” After all, rather than even make a pretense of providing equal justice under the law, he described himself thusly, “I’m Obama’s wingman.  I’m there with my boy.” And so various scum like Lois Lerner, who should be in jail, got to retire with her pension. 

    After all, part II, as someone who once every blue moon gets it right said, “The DoJ is not supposed to be an arm of the executive branch.”  Holder didn’t even make a pretense of sucking up to Obama, and doing all he could to protect “his boy.”

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