Puerto Vallarta Bridge Club


Go to old town Puerto Vallarta, find a parking space and climb the stairs to the second floor of the Lions Club, and you’ll find the PV Bridge club.  Open games Tuesday and Friday, 199’rs on Wednesday.

Today, they had 24.5 tables.

I called last night to tell them I needed a partner, and today I played with the club manager, Mary.  I didn’t play well, which I’ll attribute to dental work.  Or jet lag.  Or the change in water.  Anything to avoid taking responsibility for being lost in the ozone and playing like a dope.  My partner carried me in to a 52% game and I get to go home with 0.28 masterpoints.

The club is nice, but not luxurious.  Table fees are a mild 100 pesos, about $5.50.  There are snacks, and something you don’t see at home:


Mary says nobody drinks during the game, but they like to stay after and sip a bit while going over the hands.

The club is full of American and Canadian snowbirds, along with some who live here permanently.  Here’s one of them:


Yes, it’s Sunglasses Al Goldspiel, formerly of the Bay Area, now a local resident.

There was someone else I recognized.  Melinda Hall, who is down here for the very same reason I am, going to the same dental clinic.


This is the high season for the bridge club; the snowbirds will go home soon and table counts will fall.  They just close in the summer, there isn’t anybody around.

Last week they had a lecture series by the pro player Robert Todd.  Next week is a sectional.  They have a well attended Regional earlier in the year.   This is a thriving bridge community.

Come to get your teeth fixed, stay for the bridge games.  Sounds like a plan to me.



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