Along the Malecon


_DSC2974Last day in PV.  A quick trip to the dentist to have some stitches removed, and I’m through for this visit.  I have to come back in 5+ months to have the final crowns installed, after the implants grow into the bone properly.  The dentist office wants me here for 10 days for that process–about 8 more days than I’m interested in.  We’ll see how to negotiate that when the time comes.

Having half a day to fill before flying home, I drove into town, found a scarce (and probably illegal) parking space, and walked along the maleçon.

This is the waterfront, but not with a beach.  Pretty much in the center of town, it is where  tourists come to see the bay, get pestered by all manner of salespeople and take pictures to prove to the folks back home they were here.


Gotta get the kids in the picture

There is a strange vehicle running up and down the waterfront, powered by the people who sit sideways and pedal.  It’s free, and I don’t understand it, but people seem to like it.


Everyone pedals; the guy in the red hat steers.

The place was covered in these large hearts, painted to have meaning and support various communities.  My Spanish isn’t good enough to really understand what they stand for, but I sure like the look of them.

The restaurant on the top floor in this picture represents Puerto Vallarta–US, Mexican and Canadian flags decorating a Mexican restaurant atop Carlos Murphy’s.


The last thing I noted is completely inexplicable.  Fittingly, the building it is attached to is closed up tight.


And that’s what I did on spring break.  Some major dental work, a bit of bridge and lots of sightseeing.  I heading home to Gail and Claudia.


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