Around the world in 21 days

Four-thirty this morning, I roll out of bed and hit the shower.  The car will be here at 5 to take me to SFO for the first leg of my trip.

I’m flying to Boston, then Doha, Qatar, then Johannesburg then Durban South Africa.  Meeting my brother there, and going to a Zulu Nyala, a private game reserve to spend a week driving around looking at animals.  We purchased this trip at the Lafayette Rotary Club gala last year, and then Gail decided she didn’t really want to travel that far, so baby bro got the nod.

Then he’s going home and I’m headed to Vilanculos, Mozambique for 3 days to see what there is to see. Finally, a few days in Jo-burg (as the in-crowd says, I think) with a side trip to Pretoria to see a ceramic artist we like.

Finally, if the world hasn’t collapsed pandemic panic, I fly home via Hong Kong, completing a circumnavigation of the earth a whole lot easier than Magellan did.  I won’t be leaving the airport, just changing planes.

The virus is affecting things already so who knows what will happen in 3 weeks.  I already see a small percentage of people wearing face masks, athough every article I have read says that is a useless gesture unless you are already sick and trying to protect others.  I notice more and better handwashing in the men’s room

I was scheduled to go to Japan with Mike and Linda in later April, but everyone canceled when they closed the Japanese schools for a month.  So I asked Mike if he’d like to go to Gatlinburg this year, but he’s had enough.  I know Gail won’t go with me.  But then maybe the virus will lead to canceling that tournament too.  Putting Mike Pence in charge of American efforts hardly fills me with confidence.

Stay tuned  This looks like a great trip and I’d love to have you along.


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