Susan Rowley now chasing ‘gators.

SR wearing headset in airboat

They let SR wear the headset so she would think she was in charge

So last week Gail and I went to Florida for a few days to visit with Susan and Karl. She loved being the big boss here in Unit 499 so much that she is now on her local and district boards in Florida, as well as the web manager for both.

Susan is teaching and directing as well, playing a major part in her local club–which is a very large, 7 day a week operation with two huge rooms so they can have simultaneous open and junior games.

When you only get to see people a few days a year, you pack the days as full as possible. On Sunday, we went to Disney Hollywood to see the lights–a display of over 5 million lights that takes your breath away. On Monday, Gail and Susan played cards, while Karl and I went to the Kennedy Space center. Then we had a raucous cocktail party for many of her bridge friends. The guest of honor was Frances, a delightful friend who is the center of attention wherever she goes.

Frances and Susan

Frances and Susan holding court on the sofa

Tuesday was a highlight–we took an airboat ride through the swampland. For many, I think, these tours are about the alligators. There are gators everywhere, in the water, on the bank, chasing fish and birds and turtles. To my mind, though, once you have seen 10 or 20 of the damned lizards, you have seen them all. The most interesting part to me was the birds–there are so many different kinds, large and small, and they are all intriguing.

At one point, we stopped in a cypress grove. It was silent and beautiful, and not filled with mosquitoes the way I had always imagined.

The Cypress Swamp

The Cypress swamp--beautiful, quiet, mosquito-free and utterly non-spooky

Finally, we went back to Main Street Disney, to see the lighting of Cinderella’s castle. It was just fabulous. Of course, I had to visit my Uncle Scrooge.

Uncle Scrooge

The source of all my wealth--stock tips from a rich Uncle.

And here is the castle.

Best friends forever in front of Cinderellas castle

Then it was time to come home. Susan is going to be out here sometime next year, I’m sure there will be more excitement then.

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