Winnie & Jerry’s Christmas Open House

A party in Winnie & Jerry's house

Lorin and Bud discussing football

Here it is, the Saturday before Christmas, and it’s party time. Winnie and Jerry threw their lovely Moraga home open to bridge players of all types, even the ones in loud red shoes and Santa suspenders.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a house as well decorated for the holidays. There were elves and Santas and trees and lights and baubles and bangles everywhere I looked, and I looked plenty. There were players with 5 masterpoints, and those with thousands. Tom Franklin was there with wife Pat, who we haven’t seen around the bridge club for many months. I don’t know what she’s doing with her time (how do people live who don’t play bridge), but she looks good so I guess it agrees with her.

Never one to miss a good party, Iris Libby was there with husband Bill. He’s too smart to play bridge with us, but he knows where to find the good wine and party food.

Patty Perry (I don’t have to call her Patricia since I’m not reporting winning tournament results) was talking politics with Bill Libby. David Geary brought his wife Corinne to meet all the strange people he hangs out with. Bonnie and Ron were schmoozing with the crowd. Mike Rippey brought his sweetie Gretchen on their way to the airport–they had a late flight to Argentina for Christmas and came to the party with luggage and passports in the car.

More from the party

The Grand Pooh-Bah held court

I’m not the only one who dresses for a party–when I threatened to show one guest my Santa’s Elf under-roos, she told me she was wearing festive red herself. Never one to let an opportunity to slip past, I told her I’d have to (verrrrry discretely) check that out for myself–and darned if she wasn’t telling the truth!! I may not drink, but I can still enjoy a party with the best of them.

I love the social part of bridge almost as much as the game itself. We’re lucky to have a good group of people to spend out lives with, and lucky to have people like Winnie & Jerry to throw such a nice party for everyone.

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