The tide goes out, the tide comes in

Swept back in with the tide, Hillary is one of us again

The tides of life sweep both ways. Hillary Miller was once a fixture around our club, with her long standing partnership with Henri Madeiros, the rowdiest LOL in history.

Sadly, Henri passed on, and Hillary got a job which kept her from playing cards for years. Recently, I have run across her playing Bridge Base Online, and encouraged her to get back into playing face to face at the club.

Work was light around the old pizza factory this morning, so Gail and I decided to play cards at 10. I was very pleasantly surprised to a) see 17 tables in play and 2) see Hillary playing.

Over the years I have seen many players come and go. It often amazes me how someone I haven’t seen in years, or even decades, will one day turn up at the club and start to play as if there had never been a gap.

It also makes me think that many of us know someone who hasn’t played in some time, and perhaps all they need is a little encouragement to get back into the swing of playing regularly. If you know someone like that, ask them to play–it will make both of you happy.

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