New Year’s good luck–Black eyed peas, ham hocks and bridge

 A dish of Black Eyed Peas

Basic Southern good luck---Black eyed peas to start off the new year.

Next Friday is New Year’s day, and an old Southern tradition has it that if you start the year with a dish of Black Eyed peas and ham hocks you’ll have good luck all year.

Ron wants to have his Friday game at the club, but he needs 7 tables to make it worthwhile, so he is taking reservations. To boost attendance, increase good luck and give me an opportunity to cook for a crowd, I’ve volunteered to provide a big steaming pot of Southern Charm for the game. With luck, someone might bring some cornbread, or a salad, or even hushpuppies–whatever they are.

The game will be at 11:00, to give you time to sleep in and still clear your head from the night before. We already have about 4 tables signed up, but I’m hoping to make it a big game and an annual tradition. Call Ron today (the Bridge Center number is 676-4414) and tell him you’re coming

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