It didn’t take them long

When our board president, Iris Libby, first heard about this blog, she offered to host it on the Unit web site. I declined her offer because I don’t want the board telling me what to write. If I let them host my blog, they get to decide what I can and cannot say. This place is all mine.

That wasn’t good enough for our board, though. What they cannot control they must destroy. Acting faster than ever before, a letter was crafted within moments of reading my Forum article shamelessly plugging my URL.

They want me to “remove any reference to Unit 499 from your blog title and/or name.” They claim that my title implies that “the Unit is supporting all you say”.

Apparently, the concept of “Totally, completely, absolutely, unequivocally unofficial” goes over their heads.

Unit499 is in the URL to make it short and easy to find. The Unit board does not stand behind me–unless they have a rope in their hands. They have never agreed with or supported me in any way. They would fire me from column writing in a heartbeat if anyone else wanted to write it, as they did a few years ago, but I’m the only one both willing to do the job and capable of crafting a simple declarative sentence.

Gen. Anthony McAuliffe, Battle of the Bulge hero

So my simple answer is the same one Gen. Anthony McAuliffe gave to von Lüttwitz at the Battle of the Bulge: NUTS. It’s my blog, I’ll write what I like and call it what I choose. (Thanks to Micky B for the history lesson. I can always call on him for his encyclopedic knowledge of WWII)

I’ll keep writing in my little corner of the internets. Don’t ever think the I represent the Unit, because I don’t.

3 thoughts on “It didn’t take them long

  1. Interesting that ‘Freedom of the Press’ is only free for ‘others’! It’s also interesting, having spent many years in Unit 499 both as a player and a board member, that there have always been “controllers” rather than ‘enjoyers’ or ‘the thankful’ for someone who has taken the time and energy to enhance the Unit.

    The Pisarra pen is witty, funny, enjoyable and a true plus……sit back and appreciate the intent!

  2. “When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confereracy against him.”
    – Jonathan Swift

  3. Well, Chris, I’ve found that small groups with little power or money tend to over-use the power they do have. This seems especially true in small towns not associated with cities, like those desert towns scattered through our Southwest. So try not to take it too personally – you stand out and virtually beg to be nailed down by such groups. You write well (almost as good as me. Almost.), you’re somewhat energetic, and you’re very entertaining. Do you think Thomas Paine’s first essays were welcomed with open arms? Are you arrogant enough to think anyone would compare you with Thomas Paine?

    I think we know the answers to these questions, Chris. You’re Nuts. Keep writing.


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