Secrets of the New Years feast

Collectively, bridge players seem to know everything.

Millie Sherman is a southern girl right down to the bone. Raised in Louisville, she has seen the Kentucky derby virtually every May of her life. This sort of lineage makes me believe her when she tells me all about what we are going to eat on New Years Day.

What we all want is health, wealth and happiness. It turns out that the traditional New Years meal is designed to bring all of those things. You must have black eyed peas for health, cabbage for wealth and pork for happiness. So I’ll be making the black eyed peas and ham hocks, while Millie brings a sauerkraut salad–into which she will bury a dime. The person finding the dime gets extra special good luck and wealth in the coming year.

The game is turning into an extravaganza. Iris is bringing cornbread. Heidi is bringing a jello salad. John and Shirley Marron are bringing trifle. Gail is bringing champagne, but every day with her is a party.

Shouldn’t you be bringing yourself and your partner? 11:00 am Friday. Start the year off right.

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