Health, wealth and happiness in the New Year

Don Steedman holding the lucky dime from Millie's salad

Don Steedman and his new lucky dime

If you throw a party, the bridge players will arrive. Bright and early on the First of the New Year, 38 players found their way to the Bridge Center for a game of cards and a dish of Black Eyed Peas and Ham Hocks.

The feast was magnificent, with won-tons from Ron Kow, pigs in a blanket from Ally Whiteneck, Shirley Marron’s trifle, Iris Libby’s cornbread, Millie’s kraut salad (so good she had to post the recipe on the bulletin board), peanut butter balls from Linda Gross, Jello salad from Heidi and BJ Ledgerwood’s own guacamole.

Part of the tradition is the hidden dime in the kraut salad. While all who partake of the cabbage will have enough money for the year, the finder of the dime will come into wealth–so Don Steedman is a very happy man indeed.

I was glad I opened ♠QJTxxx 2 ♦AQ9xxx —. Just thinking “that’s only 9 points” isn’t good enough. This hand has tremendous trick-taking potential. Our opponents had strong distribution too, of course, and pushed all the way until Mike bid 6♠, which they then doubled. It is generally better to bid one more than to double a wildly distributional contract–6♠x making 7 not vul is 1310, I now know.

Heidi LIppitt and Linda Gross were the NS winners, Herb Constant and Bud Miller EW. Steedman isn’t the only one getting rich this year.

Next year New Year’s Day is a Saturday–we hope to see all of you there for the second annual Black Eyed Peas game.

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