My dinner with Margaret


I like Wednesdays. They are halfway through the week, I don’t have too much work to do, and then I get to play in Margaret’s game. Who doesn’t love Margaret? She has the greatest people skills of anyone I have ever met–if she told you to go to Hades, you’d hurry home to pack.

Margaret Kozak has been directing as long as I can remember, but I’ve known of her longer than that. Margaret and husband George lived across the street from my mothers best friend in Orinda when I was a kid, and I would see cool cars in the driveway. Twelve year old boys remember cars better than they do people. Her son is still driving the ’39 Ford 5 window coupe Margaret took to school during WW2, as well as a 1960 Bentley she helped him rebuild while he was in college.

That son went on to a career in the State Department.  He became US Ambassador to Belarus, Chief of Mission in Havana (which is Ambassador rank, if we had official relations with Cuba) and spent 4 years working in the Bush White House.  And he brought both of his children home from the hospital the first time in that very same 39 Ford.

Margaret and her long time partner Bob Harris are the only pair I know who steadily play Precision at our club.  It’s an excellent system that takes more work than standard but pays off in more accurate bidding.

Last week, Gail and I went out to dinner with Margaret at our favorite local restaurant, Nibblers Eatery. It is a small plate establishment, run by a pair of food fanatics dedicated to sustainable, organic, local food.

Since it is still truffle season, we even had the treat of gnocchi with duck ragu topped with slices of white truffle–which must be foodie heroin. The pork lechon is to die for, and no meal is complete without the house signature dish of flash fried spinach.  The prices there are reasonable and we feel lucky to have such an interesting place so close to home.

One thought on “My dinner with Margaret

  1. Chris,

    Great article on Margaret. I think the world of her also. In fact some years ago Margaret’s car broke down in a place called Minden ,Nevada. It just happened that my fishing partner and I were going up to that area the next week and we rode together obviously and one of us drove their car ( me) back down to the bay area and arranged for Margaret and George to pick it up. She never forgot it. A great lady. Lorin

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